Sunday, February 7, 2010


The Extended EC meeting of NOINO was held at Kolhapur on 24th & 25th of January 2010. Around 70 delegates (including 8 lady representatives) representing 37 divisions attended the meeting.
Our dynamic President Shri Prakash Javadekar, MP, Rajyasabha presided over the meeting. Another notable guest for the inauguration ceremony was the local graduates’ constituency MLA Shri Chandrakantdada Patil. The meeting was formally inaugurated by Shri Javadekar. In his inaugural address, Shri Javadekar lauded the progress of NOINO in a short period & reiterated our commitment of attaining majority at the end of year 2011. Shri Chandrakantdada Patil extolled the virtues of BMS associated unions & promised support & help to the cause of NOINO.
After the inaugural ceremony, the first session of began. In this, various representatives came forward & narrated the feedback about the grievances of the Class I officers. They also had some very useful suggestions about resolving the same. They also reported that the expectations from NOINO were very high due to the disillusionment with the so-called majority organization on one hand & the remarkable initiatives taken by NOINO to resolve the problems of Class I Officers on the other hand.
The second session of stock-taking was entirely conducted by our charismatic President Shri Javadekar. He asked the delegates various questions regarding the organizational work done by them & the state of affairs in LIC.
The session ended with a riveting speech by Shri Javadekarji. He enthralled the audience by his clear thoughts & logical analysis. He expressed his anguish over the inordinate delay in the settlement of the charter. He said that he, as a President of NOINO rejected the designs of the Government-management combine of bracketing LIC with banking industry & said that he would do everything to break this unnatural comparison. He said that he would raise the matter of conferring of ‘Navratna’ status on LIC in the ensuing session of Parliament. The delegates were charged up after the speech.
After lunch, the third session began. This session was devoted to organizational matters. Almost all the representatives reported on the tours they had undertaken in the last six months, the effect of the 1 day strike in their divisions, & their future plans to expand the organization. The representatives also expressed their satisfaction on the efficient & timely communication by the leadership. The subject of Fund-raising was also discussed in this session.
The session ended with the speech of the All India General Secretary, Shri Ganesh Kamath on ‘Organization’. In a speech lasting for 45 minutes, he warned the delegates against being complacent due to the achievements & the fast growth of NOINO. He said that loyalty & adherence to principles should also be coupled with actual & practical field work by the activists. He exhorted the delegates to canvass about the achievements & the efforts of NOINO among all the Class I Officers & strengthen NOINO.
The last session of the meeting was attended by the All India Office-bearers. In this reporting was done about the working of various units in the respective Zones by the Zonal Secretaries. The meeting noted with satisfaction that NOINO was going from strength to strength & there was a great possibility of opening of new units of NOINO in several parts of the country. It was also resolved that further efforts would be made to bring pressure on the management & the Government both on the organizational level as well as the JOIINT FRONT for an handsome charter without any further delay. Tour programmes of the General Secretary & the Working President in the next three months were also decided.
On the next day, i.e. 25th January 2010, the opening session started with a thorough discussion on some of the important issues concerning the Class I Officers like the further action on the Charter front & the modifications required in the promotion policy from Class III to Class I. It was interesting to note that several delegates came forward & made valuable suggestions. These suggestions have been noted & action would be taken on the same by the organization.
The next session was the key-note address by the Working President, Shri Sudhakar Ingole. In his usual lucid style, he motivated the delegates to work for the organization. He lauded the NOINO activists for working against all odds & asked them to keep up the good work. He also said that in BMS we believed that working for the organization is a divine work & we should continue to think & act selflessly. He expressed his confidence that very soon a time would come when NOINO would be the deciding factor. The audience was inspired by his captivating speech.
The meeting concluded with a well attended gate meeting at the Kolhapur divisional office. The main speakers in this meeting were Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO & Shri Sudhakar Ingole, Working President, NOINO. In their hard-hitting speeches, both the speakers came down heavily on the Class I Federation for their quixotic stand of “not being a part of the joint front of which NOINO is a part of” thereby hurting the interests of the Class I Officers when the need of the hour was to join hands forgetting all our differences. They reminded all concerned that NOINO had made an attempt to have an all-inclusive joint front by appealing to all unions (including the Class I Federation) when it had taken initiative & written to all unions for a joint front on 28.5.2008. It had also publicly welcomed the move of the President of Class I Federation when he addressed a mammoth rally of the joint front at Yogakshem on 16th December 2009. In spite of this, the Federation continues to play truant thereby harming the interests of Class I Officers. The speakers further expressed their resolve to abide by the programmes of the Joint front till a logical solution was reached.
All in all, the EC meeting was hugely successful. No praise would be too high for the NOINO activists of Kolhapur such as Sanjay Patil, Sanjay Baraskar, Shrinivas Danke, Sameer Parulekar, not to forget our veterans like Shri Terwadkar, Shri Jaysing Koli & Shri Sonavane who did an excellent job of organizing. We are also grateful to the local NOIW activists for rendering support & help.
NOINO will continue its efforts to bring relief to the Class I Officers in LIC.

Ganesh Kamath

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