Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Notice: Request transfers by CO.

All NOINO office-bearers & members under NZ:

This has reference to CO Personnel circular ref: Per Admn/SS/2010-11 reqtrf dated 29.01.2010 seeking online applications from individual officers for consideration of request-transfers which are to be decided by Central Office under 4 categories as specified in the said circular.

Those officers who are applying for transfers under above provisions and wish that NOINO should follow-up their cases, are requested to furnish following details to us latest by 5 pm on 11.02.2010 i.e. Thursday:

1. Name:
2. Designation:
3. SR No.:
4. Present place of posting:
 (if BO, mention Division also)
5. Transfer seeking for:
(Name of place, falling under DO/ZO)
6. Date of joining at present place:
7. Date of joining under present DO:
8. Date of joining under North Zone:

-S.B.Sharan, GS,

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