Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dear Friends,

Our attention has been drawn to the strike call given by the Class I federation supposedly to protest the arrest of their President(released after some time). NOINO wishes to clarify that it is not a party to the strike & will not participate in the said strike. The reasons are as follows:-

1. NOINO is the part of the joint front which has been following a course of agitation. We have met in Mumbai on 15th & decided on the course of the programme. NOINO will go ahead with that programme.
2. The strike call is an individual call given by an individual union for the situation arising of their individual agitation programme. We believe that every association or union draws upon their own strategy before embarking upon their agitation & hence this strike is a part of that strategy. We do not want to comment on the merits or demerits of this agitation & reserve our comments for a later date that too, if necessary. The Class I federation did not consult anybody including NOINO before embarking upon their individual agitation & hence logically there is no need to join it now.
3. NOINO & the joint front has time & again appealed to the Class I Federation to join the joint front instead of going alone(it is another matter that it has been wrongly accusing NOINO & joint front of not accomodating it into the joint front). But it has consistently stuck to the stand of "NOT BEING A PART OF ANY JOINT FRONT OF WHICH NOINO IS A PART". We feel even now it is not late. Going alone will not help the cause of achieving our goal of a handsome charter. We appeal to the Class I federation to give up their stand & join the joint front programme.

Ganesh Kamath

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