Monday, February 22, 2010

E-Feap letter to SDM, Mumbai DO-III.

(Affiliated to B.M.S.)

The Sr. Divisional Manager,
Life Insurance Corporation of India,
Mumbai Divisional Office – III,
New India Building,
S. V. Road, Santacruz (West),
Mumbai – 400054.

Dear Sir,
Re : Implementation of E-Feap in Mumbai D.O.-III

The E-Feap is been implemented in our Branch 9051 since 25th January, 2010 and there after in Branch 893 and in Branch 886 from 15th February, 2010. It’s a matter of pride that Mumbai D.O.-III has been pioneer of the E-Feap, the new I.T. initiative our organization has taken.

However the same is not been of success and in all these 3 branches except Cash & NB modules (not working properly), no other module is working & the branches have virtually come to a standstill. Even in Cash and NB modules there are lot of problems faced like accepting single cheque multiple policies, ULIP collections, 15-20 minutes taken for registration of proposal, problems with registration of DMR, ZMR cases, duplicate policy numbers are getting allotted and so on. The implementation of E-FEAP has run into serious trouble. The staffs, agents, Development Officers and the policy holders of these offices are facing lot of problems.

We have information that in spite of the failure to implement it in these branches the management has decided to go ahead & implement in 8 more branches, of which 3 branches are again of Mumbai D.O.-III viz Branch 89A, Branch 89H and Branch 887.

We demand that further implementation should be stopped forthwith & undertaken only after the year-ending closing that too after the successful implementation in the above-mentioned three branches.

Sd/- Mrs. Ankita Rane NOINO
Shri Nitin Paranjape

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