Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joint-front decisions on 15th February 2010

Date: 15th February 2010.

To: All the LIC Employees & Officers,

Dear Friends,

A joint meeting of unions and associations in LIC was held today at Mumbai.

The meeting congratulated all the employees and officers who made the ONE DAY STRIKE on 21st January 2010 a tremendous success. The unprecedented success of One Day Strike sent a clear signal to the LIC Management that the employees and officers are prepared for a sustained programme of action to achieve a satisfactory wage settlement.

But the management of LIC seems to miss the signals of the employees’ unrest and is mistaking the patience for granted. The employees and officers are not in a mood to accept this insensitive attitude. They want to make it clear that the unified voice and demand for improvements over the offer of 17.5% brooks no more delay.

The government decided that the public sector undertakings which can decide on wage revision on their own without seeking any support from the government can do so. But in respect of LIC such a clearance is not forthcoming from the Finance Ministry Officials. It is for the LIC Management to assert their right to settle a wage revision on the basis of the performance of LIC.

The meeting of the unions held today decided to call upon the officers and employees to implement the following programme of actions to press forward our demand for an early and good wage revision.

 Dharna before Divisional Office on 6th March 2010 (Central Dharna at Jeevan Bharti Bldg., Parliament Street, New Delhi).
 Signature Campaign programme from 8th to 12th March 2010. Signature Memorandum to be submitted to the Office In-Charge on 12th March 2010.
 Joint Front to meet again on 13th March 2010.
 Withdrawal of Extra Co-operation from 15th March 2010 till the Current Year Financial Closing of LIC. (Close of Cash Hours as per Office Timings. No late sitting. No work on Sundays and Holidays).
 One Day Strike on 31st March 2010.

Yours faithfully,
All India Insurance Employees’ Association (AIIEA)
All India Life Insurance Employees’ Association (AILIEA)
All India National Life Insurance Employees’ Federation (INTUC)
Akhil Bhartiya LIC Chaturth Shreni Kamgar Sangh (Cl. IV-INTUC)
Bhartiya Vima Karmachari Sena (BVKS)
National Organisation of Insurance Officers (NOINO-BMS)
National Organisation of Insurance Workers (NOIW-BMS)

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