Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Meeting of NOINO DIVISIONAL COMMITEE Delhi-II with NEW SDM on 29.04.2011.

A Meeting of NOINO DIVISIONAL COMMITEE Delhi-II office bearers Sh.Yash Pal Singh, Div.Secretary Sh.Rajeev Sharma, President, Sh.S.K.Saini,Zonal President,NZ , Sh.Mahesh Kumar & Smt.Sunita Mangla  meet with NEW SDM on 29.04.2011 for introductory Meeting at Board Room, SDM Secretariate. Manager(P&IR) Mrs.Vijay Shree was also present.

Divisional Secretary

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shrihanumajjayanti ki shubhkamnayein!

Shrihanumajjayanti ki haardik shubhkamnayein! Prabhu Hanuman aapko aatmik shakti dein!!

भविष्य का सुख छिपा है ईश्वर के भजन में

जो लोग बहुत तनाव में काम करते हैं, उनके लिए भजन बड़े उपयोगी हैं। भजन सुनना और गाना उन्हें थोड़ा आराम पहुंचाएगा। हनुमानचालीसा की 33वीं चौपाई में तुलसीदासजी ने लिखा है- तुम्हरे भजन राम को पावै। जनम जनम के दुख बिसरावै।।

आपके भजन से प्राणियों को जन्म-जन्म के दुखों से छुटकारा दिलाने वाले भगवान श्रीराम की प्राप्ति हो जाती है। यहां यह बात आती है कि हनुमानजी के भजन रामजी को अच्छे क्यों लगते हैं? वास्तव में हनुमानजी संगीत के बहुत बड़े जानकार थे। सबसे बड़ी विशेषता थी कि कौन-सा भजन कब गाया जाए, कौन-सा राग कब लगाया जाए, इसमें वे बड़े दक्ष थे। तुलसीदासजी ने इस चौपाई में भजन शब्द लिखकर एक बड़ा संदेश दिया है। हनुमानजी सेवा का प्रतीक हैं। वे सतत् सक्रिय सेवक हैं।

श्रीराम की सेना और व्यवस्था में संभवत: सर्वाधिक दायित्व हनुमानजी को ही सौंपे गए थे। इसीलिए तुलसीदासजी ने भजन शब्द का उपयोग किया है। भजन गाए भी जाते हैं, गुनगुनाए भी जाते हैं और ठीक से संगीत जुड़ जाए तो इसमें नृत्य भी हो जाता है। व्यस्तता और काम के अत्यधिक दबाव के बाद भी हनुमानजी भजन से जुड़े हुए थे। हनुमानजी की भजन करने की शैली, मस्ती यदि हम भी अपनाएं तो केवल इस जन्म के नहीं, आने वाले जन्मों के भी दुख मिटेंगे। दुख हमारी एक समस्या है और जनम-जनम का अर्थ है आने वाला नया दिन। भविष्य का सुख भजन में छिपा है।

Saturday, April 16, 2011

महावीर जयन्ती

महावीर जयन्ती की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ !

"अपनी पीड़ा सह लेना और दूसरे जीवों को पीड़ा न पहुँचाना ही तपस्या का सच्चा स्वरूप है !" - भगवान महावीर

Friday, April 15, 2011

Divl Secretaries please note

All Divisional Secretaries:
Transfers and postings of AO/BM and AAO/ABM(S) within Division are effected by Divisional Offices themselves.
All Divisional Secretaries are advised to call for details of the officers who seek transfers within Division and submit the list to the Divisional Management latest by 21st April 2011.
Barring the Divisions at Delhi and Jaipur, officers getting promotions to the cadre of AO/BM are usually allotted the same Divisions. Divisional Secretaries are advised to call for details of such probable candidates also alongwith their 3 choices of posting other than the present ones. Such a list is also required to be submitted to the Divisional Management on 21st itself.
All Divisional Secretaries are requested to act promptly and immediately as the time is very short now. They are also requested to please send a confirmation after the process is completed.
S.B.Sharan, GS,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

वैशाखी एवम् बिसुआ

वैशाखी एवम् बिसुआ की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Chief Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his gratitude to Anna Hazare who led a nationwide campaign-fast against corruption, for his statement on Gujarat’s Development and CM’s leadership by publicly writing an Open Letter. He said that Anna Hazare had shown courage and fortitude and exhibited commitment to truth with a soldier-like conviction. Gujarat is grateful to him, said the chief minister.

He further said that a certain group inimical to Gujarat would not let go this opportunity to malign Anna’s fair name. On the occasion of Navratri, Modi said he prays to Maa Jagadamba so that Anna’s fair name is not sullied.

The text of the letter is as under:

Respected Annaji,

On the eighth day of fasting in the Navratri, I am inspired to write to you early at 5 O’clock in the morning.

When you were sitting on fast in Delhi, same time, I too was fasting on the occasion of Navratri, the period that symbolizes the embodiment of Divine Shakti. Indeed, I was pleased that by the grace of Maa Jagadamba, I happened to be a co-traveller in your crusade albeit indirectly.

Observing the Navratri fast and being busy in election campaign, I was fortunate to have the darshan of Mother Kamakhya in Assam. When you were fasting, naturally I did pray to Mother Kamakhya about your health and I’m sure that the divine power has been kind enough to bestow her blessings on you.

Today, I came back from Kerala campaign to Gandhinagar early morning at 2 a.m.

And it was yesterday that I got the encouraging news of your expressing kind words towards Gujarat and me.

I am fortunate and grateful to get your blessings.

Respected Annaji, my respect for you is decades old. Before I entered politics, I was full time RSS pracharak. At those time, national leaders of the RSS who came to attend our meetings invariably discussed your rural development activities so that it could be emulated. It has tremendous impact on me. In the past, I also had the good fortune of meeting you.

I and my state of Gujarat are indebted to you for the courage and conviction you showed in saying good words for me and my state. In this show of courage, you exhibited commitment to truth and a soldier-like conviction. And because of this, your opinion has been universally accepted.

I request you to also bless me that your praise shall not make me complacent and commit mistakes.

Your blessings have given me the strength to do what is right and it is good. At the same time, my responsibility has also gone high. Because of your statement, crores of youth would be having great expectations and therefore even a small mistake on my part will disappoint them. Therefore, I have to remain vigilant and seek your blessings for the same.

Respected Annaji, in this delicate moment, I must share with you that I come from a simple family and I am a common man too. In my family, no one is even distantly connected to politics or close to power; I do not have any illusion that I am a perfect human being. Like a common man, I too have my own limitations; good and bad qualities.

I pray that I am always blessed by Mother Jagadamba so that bad qualities do not take possession of me. Always thinking of doing good to Gujarat, I would devote myself to the progress of Gujarat and therefore like to wipe out the tears from the face of the poor. In doing this, I pray that I am never short of your blessings, and this is my humble request.

Respected Annaji, you are a Gandhian and a Soldier. Yesterday, during election campaign in Kerala when I heard about your blessings to me and my state, I feared that you will be subjected to vilification. A certain group inimical to -Gujarat will not miss this opportunity to malign your love, sacrifice, penance and commitment to truth. They will try to tarnish your name because you spoke well of me and my state.

As luck would have it, this has come true. Once again, these inimical forces have come to the fore. On the occasion of Navratri, I pray to Maa Jagadamba that no one sullies your fair name.

You will be aware that whosoever talks good of Gujarat, he or she will be subjected to the vilification campaign.

In the past, a senior Muslim parliamentarian from Canoor constituency hailing from the Communist Party Shri P. Abdulla Kutty was ostracized from the party following his praise of Gujarat’s development.

The superstar of this century, Shri Amitabh Bachchan when he promoted Gujarat Tourism, was also attacked by the same group of inimical forces. They spread falsehoods against Bachchan so as to snap his old ties with Gujarat. At a public function in Mumbai where he was invited, this group stopped him from entering to the venue.

Also, a campaign was let loose to malign the leading Gandhian of Gujarat Shri Gunavant Shah who is speaking for the atma-gaurav of Gujarat and development of Gujarat. Maulana Ghulam Vastanavi of Gujarat who was elected as Head of the Darul Uloom of Deoband has also been subjected to vilification campaign when he praised the development of Gujarat. He had publicly said that Gujarat is surging ahead on the road of fast paced development, and without any religious discrimination everybody is reaping the fruits of this development. Soon, he has been silenced by constant harassment by the same forces.

Recently, Major General I. S. Singha of Golden Katara Division of Indian Army when he praised the development of Gujarat he too was subjected the same treatment by the same forces and there was even a demand for disciplinary action against the Major General.

These are only a few examples. But Gujarat’s real developmental journey is an anathema to this group bent upon heaping calumny on my state. Whenever the name of Gujarat is mentioned these forces immediately swing into action to spread canards and falsehoods.

Respected Annaji, Gujarat’s six crore people do not want that the same group should sadden you.

I am still afraid that, this group will put you in trouble. May God give you strength.

I humbly bow to the sacrifices and penances you have made for the country.

Let the Almighty bless you with supreme health and long life so that many like me would benefit from your guidance. This is my prayer to the God from core of my heart.


Narendra Modi

April 11, 2011, Navratri

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chaitra Navratra aur Ramnavami ki shubhkamnayein!

Chaitra Navratra evam Ramnavami ki haardik shubhkamnayein!

Ishwar aapko shakti dein! Ishwar aapko Bhagwan Ram jaisa charitrawaan banayein!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GTI cover increased

The Insurance cover under Group Term Insurance Scheme (GTIS) (1997) has been increased. This is w.ef. 1.5.2011. The increased premium would be deducted from April 2011 salary. Earlier it was as follows:


Cover ( Basic Pay Range)
Term Cover
  Per month
30,960 and above
22,570/- to 30,959/-
15,970/- to 22,569/-
8,415/- to 15,969/-
4,730/- to   8,414/-
Less than 4,730/-


Cover (Basic Pay Range)
Term Cover
  Per month
50810 & above
35300 to 50809
24800 to 35299 
12855 to 24799 
7115 to 12854 
Less than 7115

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


    For a country torn by strife, corruption & inflation, the World Cup victory came as a manna from the Heaven. The path was not easy. For the better part of the tournament our bowling looked fidgety, our batting collapsed at crucial times in the league matches & fielding was never considered our forte.
    But as Dhoni said it, it was necessary that the team peaked at the right time. The pieces started falling into the right places as we progressed through the quarterfinals when we vanquished Ponting’s men. It was a test of nerves from then on. The best part of the victory was that it was a team effort in the real sense. Consider this, Sehwag hit a rollicking 175 in the first match & then a 73 in another match; Yuvraj put an allround performance to clinch the Man of the tournament award; Zaheer was the joint leading wicket taker; Sachin was the 2nd highest run-getter; Gambhir & Dhoni clicked at the right time.
     No praise would be too high for Mahendra Singh Dhoni, for he had to contend with the sceptics in the public & armchair critics who revelled in pulling down the team. The electronic media in keeping with its notorious reputation of “anything for TRP” was at its sensational best wildly swinging from heaping praises on one occasion to showering the brickbats on the other. The semi-final & Final were more a test of who handled the pressure better & the men in blue did not come a cropper in doing so.  The winning six by the captain was a resounding slap to all his detractors & the steely resolve in his eyes while hitting it could be felt by all sensitive persons.
     The wild scenes in the streets all over the country after the historic win confirmed that cricket is indeed a unifying force in this country though the so-called cricket diplomacy failed miserably. The entire tournament was however, efficiently managed.. A lot of us are lucky to witness our World Cup triumph twice in our lifetime. Here is wishing for some more in our remaining lives.
     On behalf of NOINO, I congratulate the Indian team who has done us proud by winning the World Cup.

Ganesh Kamath

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nav Samvatsar ki shubhkamnayein!

Chaitra Shukla 1, Vikram Samvat 2068; Shrikrishna Samvat 5237;
Krodhinam Nav Samvatsar ki hardik shubhkamnayein!

Nav Samvatsar aapke evam aapke pariwar ke liye mangalmay ho!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Learnt from World Cup

Dear friends,

India won ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 on 2nd April. Congratulations!

Three lessons I learnt from this World-Cup-win which I wish to share with you:

 1. If you are the leader, you have to perform yourself. You cannot ride to the success through performance of your team-mates only. The Indian Captain M.S.Dhoni did this.

 2. If you are a team-mate, simply a member of the team, and wish that your team should win, perform yourself. You cannot rely upon veterans for a win. Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli did this where Sehwag & Sachin failed.

 3. Consistency is required. You cannot win through miraculous fours and sixes. You have to consistently add runs through laborious ones and twos (by running in between the wickets). The Indian team showed this consistency throughout the game - over one through over forty nine.

And these apply not only to cricket, but, to all spheres of life - be it the Union/Organization, Home or Office..!!

Thank you for spending a few moments with me...

S.B.Sharan, GS,


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Congrats India!

Congratulations to all Indians on India winning the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 !!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

NOINO, NZ meets RM(P&IR), NZ

Representatives of NOINO, North Zone consisting of Shri S.K.Saini, Zonal President; Shri H.K.Dhiman, Zonal Vice President; and Shri S.B.Sharan, Zonal Secretary met Shri Niraj Aggarwal, RM(P&IR)ZM, North Zone today i.e. on 31st March 2011 at 11.30 am. Smt. Aruna Seth, Secretary(P&IR) was also present during the meeting.

The following matters were discussed with RM(P&IR):

1.      Criteria for request transfers: During the coming promotion-round, request transfer will be considered after an officer spends two years (two promotion rounds) at a particular place subject to availability of vacancy at the place for which the officer has requested for transfer.

The criteria for marketing people will be the same as for administrative people (as above).

2.      Transfers of AAO’s: We asked, if transfers of AAO’s would also be considered during the coming promotion round? Shri Aggarwal replied in negative. AAOs’ transfers would be considered during next AAO promotion-round only.

3.      AAO contingency list: Existing AAO contingency list will be moved after coming promotion round (AO and above) (including representation cases) is completed, i.e. in most probability, by June end or July beginning. Transfer cases will not be taken up during contingency posting.

We pointed out discrepancies in AAO’s main list posting and contingency list posting in the past. The RM(P&IR) assured to apply the same criteria for posting of contingency people as was used during posting of main list personnel.

4.      Officers who forwent promotions: We requested to post the officers, who forwent promotions earlier due to inconvenient postings and whose promotions were due again this year, at the same place or at a convenient place if they get promotions again this year. The RM(P&IR) was not very positive on this count. However, we requested to re-examine the matter.

NOINO, NZ submitted a list of officers who were NOINO members and had applied for transfers. We also submitted a list of officers who forwent promotions earlier and whose promotions were due again this year.

The meeting ended with other talks on LIC.

S.B.Sharan, GS,

Friday, March 25, 2011

BMS Gen. Secr. meets LIC Chairman

          The All India Triennial Conference of Bharateeya Mazdoor Sangh recently concluded in Jalgaon on 19th February. BMS is the largest central trade union in the country with over 80 lakhs members. NOINO/NOIW/NOIP are affiliated to BMS.
         The Conference elected Shri Baijnath Rai as the All India General Secretary of BMS.  After his election Shri Baijnath Rai was on a tour to Mumbai on 22nd March 2011.


         In the afternoon, Shri Rai addressed the media. He told the journalists that it was the considered opinion of BMS that the fundamental reason for all the ills pervading the society & affecting the workers of this country was the unchecked corruption whether financial or mental. He also announced that a mammoth morcha representing all workers in the country under the banner of BMS would march to Parliament on 23rd November 2011. The activists would spread out to the villages in the coming days to garner support for the morcha.


        Thereafter, Shri Rai visited the headquarters of LIC, i.e. Yogakshem. He met the Chairman, Shri T S Vijayan for a brief period. He was accompanied by Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO; Shri S D Kulkarni, President, BMS, Maharashtra Pradesh; Shri Kamalakant Narkar, President, NOIP, Mumbai & Shri Brahmesh Hardikar, Secretary, NOIW. Shri Vijayan said that LIC took pride in the fact that it always took lead in nation-building activities & actively participated in several Government projects like the current UID project. He also said that contrary to the popular apprehension that LIC would not withstand the competition after opening of the insurance sector, it had performed wonderfully well to maintain its prime position in the market. He also said that the productivity of the LIC employees was one of the highest in the public sector.
       Shri Rai said that BMS was aware of the yeoman service rendered by LIC in nation-building & appreciated the same. He raised the issues of one more pension option to the existing employees & automatic upgradation of pension. Shri Vijayan assured to find out a way to resolve these issues. Shri Rai said that BMS was also ready to talk to the Government in this regard at the appropriate time. The meeting ended after exchanging pleasantries.


          After the meeting with Chairman, Shri Rai met the activists of NOINO/NOIW/NOIP in Mumbai. About 50 activists affiliated to the above three organizations were present. Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO welcomed Shri Rai to Mumbai & LIC. He also briefly introduced Shri Rai extolling his virtues & his contribution to the growth of BMS particularly in West Bengal, long considered to be a bastion of the Communists. The activists then introduced themselves. Shri Rai was felicitated by Shri Kamalakant Narkar, President, NOIP, Mumbai. Shri Rai briefly addressed the activists. He said that he was aware of the splendid work done by all the organizations & that BMS was spreading across all cadres. He expressed hope that an organization in the Development officers affiliated to BMS would be established soon. Shri Brahmesh Hardikar, Secretary, proposed the vote of thanks.
From L to R: Shri Brahmesh Hardikar, Secy, NOIW; Shri S D Kulkarni, President, BMS, Maharashtra; Shri Baijnath Rai, GS, BMS; Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO (introducing Shri Baijnath Rai); Shri Kamalakant Narkar, President, NOIP, Mumbai.

Shri Rai being welcomed by Shri Narkar

Shri Rai addressing the activists

Vote of thanks by Shri Brahmesh Hardikar