Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NOINO meets ED(Personnel)

A NOINO delegation met the Executive Director (Personnel), Smt. D. Vijayalakshmi on 8th March 2011 to discuss the various pending issues:-

1. Information sharing session: - We pointed out that there were no discussions on the employees’ issues since July 2010 & demanded immediate discussions on the pending issues. ED (P) replied that it was unlikely that such discussions would take place in the near future.

2. One more pension option:- ED (P) said that the progress was slow in this matter but was confident that the issues involved in this demand would be solved in due course.

3. Problems of Housing loan from LIC HFL:- On this, ED (P) said that the subsidy problem would be solved very shortly. We, however, insisted on bringing back the portfolio to LIC HPF.

4. Revision in leave rules :- We had submitted a letter on this matter to the ED (P) on 26.11.2010 demanding Intervening holidays between CL not to be taken into account; Minimum PL to be reduced to 6 days instead of 7 days; Minimum leave of 15 days not to be made compulsory for Encashment of PL; HRA to be counted as part of salary while calculating Encashment of PL etc. However, ED (P) said that as far as the matter concerning encashment of PL was concerned, we would have to wait for some more time.

5. Revision in Conveyance Allowance for physically handicapped: - ED (P) said that the circular would be issued shortly.

6. Recruitment in Class III :- ED (P) said that the management was on the job & need-based recruitment would be done in the near future.

7. Mediclaim:- Share of Corporation contribution must be ¾ of Total Mediclaim Premium instead of 2/3 for Class I Officers. ED (P) was positive on this matter but said that it would take some time.

8. Professional qualification allowance: We demanded professional qualification allowance for CA/MBA/Legal and other professionals. We also pointed out that if an employee after becoming an officer acquires Fellowship he is not paid any allowance. ED (P) seemed to be positive on this issue & said that this matter would be taken up in the future.

9. Late-sitting allowance: - ED (P) ruled out the possibility of late-sitting allowance in the near future.

We extended our warm wishes to the ED (Personnel) on the occasion of International Women’s day.

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