Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day. On this occasion, our All India General Secretary Shri Ganesh Kamath writes...
A woman is a wonderful creation of God. A man & a woman are not equal but are complementary to each other. A man is incomplete without a woman. I suppose the vice-versa is also equally true.
She meets us in all forms. She is a carrier of God when she brings us to the Earth as a mother, she showers affection as a sister & sacrifices everything as a lover & wife.
As far as I could understand them, the mind of a woman is more complex than that of a man. Of course, this is left to individual interpretation. Overall a woman may be physically weaker than a man but she is definitely mentally stronger than him. An excellent manager, she has great tolerance & endurance.
A woman instantaneously lights up a household hitherto dominated by men. There is an incessant debate regarding the weaknesses of a woman. I feel that the woman of today has to self-analyze her so-called weaknesses to emerge stronger.
It pains one (a rational human being that is) no end when women are subjected to humiliation & lechery. It shows that the society which subjects them to such pain has not got over its animal instincts. We should strive hard for a society which would be mature enough to treat a woman with respect & love.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I, on my personal behalf & on behalf of NOINO, pay tribute to all the women!

Ganesh Kamath

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