Friday, March 25, 2011


This is addressed particularly to our officers in the cadre of AAO & AO, that too in branches, though it is applicable to some of the officers in the higher cadres in other places too. Over the years, we have come across a number of cases wherein disciplinary action has been initiated against AAOs & AOs particularly in the branches for the simple reason that they have not followed the manual provisions or the rules & regulations of the Corporation. In this context, what we observe is as under:-

  1. Usually the intention on the part of these Officers is not to defraud the Corporation either monetarily or otherwise. It may be because of the following reasons:-

    1. These officers are on probation & over-enthusiastic to impress.
    2. To meet some deadline or complete a target.
    3. To please the senior officers
    4.  Not having the courage to say no to the senior officers.
    5. To ensure that their reports are excellent.
    6.  For fear of being transferred from the present comfortable location or department.

For any or a combination of the above reasons, they go overboard & commit unintentional mistakes for which they have to pay dearly later.

  1. The senior officers sometimes issue oral instructions which may be against manual provisions/rules/regulations to their juniors. Many-a-time even their intention is to achieve some target. The junior officers are then caught in a cleft stick whether to follow the superior or follow the book. One would amount to disobedience as they perceive & the other violation of the rules.

In this context, we would advise all such officers to be cautious. The closing period of the financial year is fast approaching & the incidences of such mistakes are likely to be high during this period. It is always observed that in such cases usually the junior officers have to face the music. We, therefore, would advise the officers to strictly stick to the book whatever be the immediate consequences. As far as possible when such conflicting situation arises, it would be better to put up a note clearly writing the manual provisions & that the decision if taken otherwise would be a violation of the same. A copy should be preserved before & after putting up the note. This would avoid future serious implications. The damage becomes irreparable after the mistake is committed. Remember, the permanent milestone of a blotless career is more important than the temporary glory of a current target.

Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO

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