Saturday, November 13, 2010

Housing loan & Back-up - 2 IT problems

There are 2 issues - 1. the revised housing-loan scheme, and 2. late
sitting for back-up - which are matters of concern for the
employees/officers and are directly or indirectly linked with IT
deptt. We inquired about the issues at CO & got following

1. Housing loan from HFL:- Recently we had invited feedbacks on this
issue. The main problem is regarding the benefit of subsidy not being passed to the employees. It has been reported from various quarters that HFL / OS officials are saying that since the program has not been forthcoming from SDC, the subsidy cannot be passed. This is not factually correct. The correct position is that the HFL had said that there are three methods of passing the benefit & that they would require three alternate programs for the same. Till now they had not decided which method to apply. As per our information, IT had already
prepared the programs, but since it was not decided by HFL as to which
method was to be applied the programs were not passed on or tested.
Now according to the latest information, one of the methods has been decided. The testing will be done in the next 4-5 days & we expect that the program will be finally released by the end of November. We expect the benefit of subsidy to be passed from December onwards.

2. Late-sitting for back-up :- This matter is being pursued by NOINO
since long. This is because - one main reason why the
officers/employees have to sit late is the time taken for back-up in
branches. You may recall that NOINO had given a comprehensive report on this issue after conducting a nation-wide sample survey in 270 branches and had suggested centralization of back-up at Divisional Offices. According to our information, the centralization work has
started and as soon as the data is centralised, the back-up will also
be centralised. As per our further information, within next two-three
months this process will start picking up & the back-up will be
automatically centralised simultaneously as soon as the data relating to the particular branch is centralised in the division. As per our information, already six branches in Mumbai DO 3 have a centralised back-up. Thus, we have taken the first step in reducing the reasons of late-sitting.

We shall continue to work for the betterment of our Institution, and
in turn, the officers and employees also, in future. We thank the
people who participated in sending feedbacks to us on above two

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