Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All India EC meeting on 17 November

Refer the previous post of today. As intimated, the NGO GISSS has invited all the All India EC members of NOINO to attend the function which they have organized to celebrate the Golden Jubilee Birthday of Shri S.Ingole, our All India Working President.

Knowing fully well that almost all the EC members are gathering to attend the function, NOINO decided to utilize the occasion and called an EC meeting to discuss following agenda on 17th:

1. Taking stock of the situation after the charter,
2. Deciding about details of Extended EC meeting at Dharwad scheduled for January 2011,
3. Anomalies in charter,
4. Donation collection position,
5. Tour programmes/Formation of new units,
6. Deciding about formation of new All India committee in the Extended EC meeting, and
7. Pending issues.

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