Saturday, April 17, 2010


The trickle has turned into a wave. NOINO has captured yet another division. As such, the Nadiad( Gujarat/WZ)unit of NOINO was formed on 20th February 2010 & an ad-hoc committee had been formed. The officers of Nadiad were closely watching the activities of NOINO as also the quixotic anti-officer attitude & the astonishing somersaults of the Class I Federation. Impressed by the sincere efforts of NOINO & fed up with the Class I Federation's antics, 101 officers out of 143 decided to join the nationalist forces. In a glittering function, these officers including almost all the important office-bearers of the Class I Federation joined NOINO on 11th April 2010. The remaining officers are expected to follow suit shortly.

The Chief guest of the function was Shri P N Panchal, Marketing Manager of Nadiad division. The other dignitaries who attended the function were Shri Sudhakar Ingole, WP, NOINO, Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO; Shri Vishwas Shastri, ZS, NOINO, WZ; Smt. Anagha Sant, OS, NOINO, WZ. Shri Brahmesh Hardikar, Secy., NOIW was also present at the occassion to give his good wishes. A special word should be reserved for the NOIW team in Nadiad led by Shri Hemesh Patel & Shri Bipinbhai Mistry who left no stone unturned to see that NOINO attains majority in Nadiad. NOINO would be eternally grateful to them for their kind help & support.

Shri Sudhakar Ingole in his hard-hitting speech came down heavily on the bankrupt policies of the Class I Federation. He said that NOINO was responsible for restoring the honour & dignity to the Class I Officers in LIC with its fearless & sincere efforts. Shri Vishwas Shastri & Smt. Anagha Sant also addressed the meeting. Shri Ganesh Kamath in his marathon speech of nearly two hours covered all issues relating to the formation of NOINO, achievements of NOINO, the charter position & the future situation.

A full divisional committee was formed. Main office-bearers are:

President - Shri H P Shah, A.O.(OS), DO.
Gen. Secretary - Shri Kirit Barot, A.O.(Legal), DO.
Org. Secretary - Shri A M Gohil, D.M.(PMR), DO.
Treasurer - Shri K P Rao, AAO(Claims), DO.

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