Tuesday, April 13, 2010

False & abusive mails


Some very sick people are at work (again). Some mails are being circulated by creating false mail-ids in the name of NOINO (e.g. NOINO (naio1n@gmail.com); NOINOOO etc). These mails on one hand criticize all unions for collecting donation on arrears & on the other hand talk about alleged corruption in the top echelons of the management personally naming them. Some months ago, a mail was circulated in the name of Shri Sudhakar Ingoleji, Working President of NOINO in which the communal card was played against the TOP management in LIC with the intention of tarnishing the image of NOINO. This circular is being issued to make our stand clear.
This is clearly a handiwork of some disgruntled soul/s who want/s to either give vent to their pent-up feelings arising out of personal frustration or frustration against the management or they are finding it difficult to digest the success of NOINO. It may be a combination of both. It is needless to say that NOINO is not involved in such dirty exercises. NOINO has serious differences with management over many issues & it will continue to fight against the management on those issues. But NOINO believes in certain ethics & principles. We neither approve nor indulge in such below-the-belt personal attacks.
However, it is for the management to take cognizance of this unabashed slander. It should not turn a Nelson’s eye to this cyber crime. Make no mistake about it. This is a criminal activity & should be dealt as such. The culprits should not only be booked but their identity should be made public to check any such future smear campaigns hiding behind the fig leaf of false mail-ids. We are sure that the management will take immediate action in this case. Meanwhile, NOINO will continue to work undeterred by such impediments for the betterment of Class I Officers.

Ganesh Kamath

P.S:- Just as this circular was being drafted, we have received a junk-mail in my name at my email address! The email-name displays as if it has been received from g.kamath@licindia.com though the actual email-id is different. It contains certain sleazy content. We urge the officers in LIC to see through this dirty game & be vigilant.

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