Saturday, April 10, 2010

360 degree feedback - a good step

The management has taken a good initiative in the form of 360 degree
This write-up is just an analysis on our part. It should be kept in mind
that this is our opinion. For official details you may refer to the circular
Per/admn/ZD/200 dated 31.3.2010. The particulars can be summarised as under:-

1. *What is this*?:- This is a form of reverse appraisal. This means that
just as a superior writes a confidential report of the subordinate & appraises his performance, a similar exercise would be done by the superiors
as well as the subordinates (all employees & agents), peers(colleagues of he same rank) by appraising the performance of a particular senior officer.
For now it has been decided to bring the SrDMs incharge under the ambit of this circular. In other words, even a development officer or an agent or an ADM may be able to assess the performance of his SrDM through an online form.

2. *How does it work*?:- The assessors (meaning those who will assess) will fill up the online form & express their opinion & give their feedback.
Their individual feedback would be kept anonymous & only the comprehensive report of the collective feedback would be visible to the SrDM. We don't know the particulars but logic says that e.g. if there are 10 assessors & one of the question is *suppose*(this may not be one of the questions):-
How is the approach of your SrDM towards work? Then say the options are good; bad; excellent. Then say 5 say good , 3 say bad & 2 say excellent, Then the comprehensive report will say that 5 assesors have rated you good,
3 bad & 2 excellent without individual names. Thus the SrDM will get to know the general mood of the people he is working with & based on that he can concentrate on his strong points & weed out any weak points (the weakpoints
part has not been mentioned in the circular, but this is obvious). The
example given by us is not official information but just an hunch on what lines this may be.

Of course, there are some flaws. We have written a letter to the management listing out the flaws & our suggestions on the same.

The letter is reproduced below.


  1. The 360 degree feedback appraisals are a powerful developmental method and quite different to traditional manager subordinate appraisals, which fulfill different purposes As such a 360 degree process does not replace the traditional one to one process.It augments it, and can be used as a stand-alone development method 360 degree feedback.

  2. Nice post!!! 360 degree feedback system allows individuals to be assessed by managers, peers, supervisors, sub-ordinates and other people that they come in contact with.