Thursday, March 25, 2010

Notice: Inter-Division/Inter-Zone(AAOs only) transfer

All NOINO office-bearers / members under NZ:

Officers who seek Inter-Division(AO & ADM)/Inter-Zone(AAOs only) transfers i.e. transfers to be effected by North Zonal Office, and wish that NOINO, NZ should follow-up their cases, are requested to furnish following details to us latest by 1.30pm on 27.03.2010 i.e. Saturday:

1. Name:
 2. Designation:
 3. SR No.:
 4. Present place of posting:
 (Branch/Deptt under Division)
 5. Date of joining at present place:
6. Transfer seeking for:
 7. Reason for transfer (in brief):
 8. NOINO member since:
 9. Contact(Mobile) No.:
 10. Any other relevant fact you
 wish to mention:

If possible, please attach a soft-copy of your representation while furnishing above facts.

S.B.Sharan, GS,

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