Saturday, March 13, 2010

NOINO raises wage-revision in Parliament again


On behalf of all LIC employees, NOINO President Shri Prakash Javadekar raised the issue of the pending wage-revision of LIC employees through 'Special mention' yesterday, i.e. on 12th March 2010. He raised the following issues/questions:-

1. He protested the fact that there was an unusual delay in settlement of the charter. He said that more than half the period of the five year charter was over & still the charter was not settled.
2. He pointed to the fact that due to unattractive salaries in comparison to private insurance companies, LIC was losing its best men to the private companies.
3. He demanded that the charter should be settled without any delay & that too according to the EXPECTATIONS of the employees.
4. He further demanded that the future charter negotiations should be started before they become due. He demanded that the negotiations for the next charter due on 1.8.2012 should start before 31st March 2012.
5. He also demanded that 'Navratna status' be conferred on LIC without any delay to ensure financial autonomy to some extent.

You may also recall that this issue had been raised by Javadekarji in the Rajyasabha on 8th December 2009 through an unstarred question. Shri Javadekarji has assured the LIC employees that he will continue to press for an early as well as satisfactory wage-revision(as per our aspirations)

Ganesh Kamath

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