Monday, March 22, 2010

Joint front agitation deferred - detailed circular

(Affiliated to B.M.S.)
President: Shri Prakash Javadekar, MP, Rajyasabha
Working President: - Shri Sudhakar Ingole
Gen. Secretary: - Shri Ganesh Kamath.



The Joint front has decided to defer/postpone its programme of agitation. This is due to the following reasons:-

1. The Joint front was on an agitational path for the last few months. It started with demonstrations, walkout & one-day strikes. It started having its desired effect. The “NO extra co-operation “program was the last nail in the coffin of those desirous of avoiding a satisfactory wage-revision. The management was forced to invite the unions for discussions.
 2. Till now, you may recall that in all previous charters, the agitation of 1 day-strike on 31st March would bring the desired effect. The difference this time is that the agitation started earlier than that & especially the “No-extra co-operation” programme has brought the desired effect prior to 31st March itself instead of afterwards as was the case in previous charters.
 3. The Chairman & MD assured the joint front unions that they had definitely taken into account the sentiments of the employees & the officers that the present offer of 17.5% was not satisfactory & they were making all out efforts to go beyond that & that they were confident of doing the same.
 4. However, we were not just satisfied with their oral assurances. The management then taking into the sentiments of the joint front unions gave a letter to that effect. Thus, it is for the first time in the history of LIC that management has given a written assurance.
 5. The management admitted that the agitation of the joint front was turning out to be very effective & it was having its effect on the new business which would mean that it could have benefited the private insurance companies. The objective of the joint front was never to hurt the institution but to make the management & the government see its view point.
 6. Till now, the government & the management have always talked about percentage wage-rise in LIC (say 15% or 17.5%) linking it with other financial institutions (like the banks). The joint front has been successful in bringing the focus to linking our wage-rise to Total Premium Income. The management has agreed to our sentiments in this regard also & we are confident that the government will also agree to it. Once this happens, it will lay the path to the automatic de-linking of our Charter with banks. This would be a historic achievement which we are striving for.

The joint front discussed all the pros & cons of the issues, had thread-bare discussions for two days & then decided to defer the agitation for the time-being. The joint front will submit a letter to the Chairman that the management should reciprocate the goodwill gesture by the unions by honouring their commitment of satisfactory wage-revision at the earliest. The Joint front is committed to the employees & officers & assures that we will not rest till we get a satisfactory wage-revision.

Ganesh Kamath

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