Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Joint front programme from 15th March

The All India leaders of joint front met on 13th March 2010 to review the situation. It was decided that the joint front constituents would make efforts through their political affiliations to meet the Finance Minister jointly to press for our demands. As far as the agitation of withdrawal of extra co-operation starting from 15th March was concerned, it was the majority opinion that only a broad outline regarding the same could be given & the same had been spelled out in the earlier joint front circulars. The nitty-gritties of the implementation can be decided by the joint front at the divisional level. Still, we are giving some broad guidelines:-

1. The employees (Class I to IV) should not work beyond office hours. This means that they should not work prior to the office hours or beyond that. However, it is also our responsibilty that we should attend the office in time.
2. The employees should not work on Sundays & holidays.
3. The full lunch time should be consumed.
4. The counters for cash/cheque collection should compulsorily close at 3.45 p.m(or 3.30 or 3.00 as the case may be in respective places). Now-a-days it is observed that additional counters have been started at branches. There is no need to object to it so far as they are also closed strictly at 3.45 p.m(or 3.30 or 3.00 as the case may be in respective places). . However, the cashier should not leave the office until the cash is tallied & deposited in the safe of branch to avoid complications.
5. The timing of backup will differ from branch to branch depending upon the time taken for backup. e.g. if the backup time is 1 hour then the backup should start at 4.30(or 1 hour before close of office hours depending upon the office timings in respective places) so that the programmer as well as the person designated for collecting the backup cartridge can also leave at 5.30(or 5.15 or 5.00 p.m as the case may be in respective places). This should be decided internally in the branch & co-operation of all concerned should be sought.
6. The joint front leaders in the branch should seek co-operation of the development officers/agents of the branch in closing the cash counter in time.
7. It is observed that the security norms pertaining to password are not followed scrupulously. Some employees in an attempt to finish the work part with their password. This is not advisable otherwise also. Therefore, the employees should not part with their password nor should they work on anybody's password. If somebody already knows your password, change it immediately & then don't disclose it again.

Kindly, however, understand that the call is only 'Withdrawal of extra co-operation' & therefore a day's honest work is expected from all the employees as it is not the intention of the joint front to hurt our institution. Another point to be noted here is that there may some news of the management calling the unions shortly either individually or jointly. This may be primarily to request the joint front to withdraw its agitation. For now the joint front has decided to go ahead with our agitation until the management offers substantially more than what they have offered till now. Till the time that the JOINT front officially issues a circular to that effect our agitation continues which please note.

Issued on behalf of JOINT front
Ganesh Kamath

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