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Report on NOINO’s 13th EC meeting

NOINO’s 13th EC meeting was held as scheduled on 24th & 25th of January 2011 at Dharwad (Karnataka). Highlights of this meeting:-

  • More than 100 delegates from 44 divisions participated.
  • All Zones except ECZ were represented.
  • 16 lady delegates participated.
  • NOINO President & Rajyasabha MP Prakash Javadekar, Karnataka State BMS Gen Secy., Shri K M Suryanarayan rao & Dharwad DM-in-charge Shri Virandani were present at the inaugural session on 24th January.
  • Delegates from all corners of the country participated, right from Silchar in the East, Chandigarh in the North & Kozhikode in the South.
  • Massive gate meeting held at Dharwad divisional office on 25th January.

24th January 2011


             The Inaugural session started with lighting of lamp & Vishwakarma Poojan. NOINO President & Rajyasabha MP Shri Prakash Javadekar, Karnataka State BMS Gen Secy., Shri K M Suryanarayan rao & Dharwad DM-in-charge Shri Virandani were present at the inaugural session.
             Shri Sadanand Mishrikoti of Raichur division compered the proceedings. Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO delivered the key-note address. He informed the house that NOINO was the fastest growing union in LIC at present with 19 divisional units being formed in the last three years. He further said that the stupendous progress of NOINO was due to the dedication & hard work of the NOINO activists all over the country. Shri Kamath also highlighted the role played by NOINO in the successful settlement of the charter & also highlighted the historic role played by our beloved President in getting a better deal for LIC employees. He said that NOINO was committed to the solving of issues concerning the Class I Officers in LIC like one more pension option, problems in Housing loan with LIC HFL, absence of a codified, uniform & transparent Transfer/posting & Promotion policy, late sitting etc & would strive to solve the same in the coming years.
             Shri Virandani, DM-in-charge of Dharwad division addressed the delegates. He congratulated NOINO for playing a major role in settling a good charter & said that the employees were happy about the settlement. He promised full co-operation to all unions including NOINO & said that he would strive to see that the issues of Class I Officers in Dharwad would be settled amicably.
             Shri K M Suryanarayan rao, Karnataka state BMS Gen Secy, then addressed the delegates. He expressed satisfaction at the growth of NOINO. He however, stressed on the need to address the issues of the unorganized sector. He solicited the co-operation of NOINO in this endeavour.
             Shri Prakash Javadekar delivered his Presidential speech there-after. He stressed the need for an open minded approach on the economic scenario of the country. He said that with the advent of technology, several new areas were opened which were unprecedented & unheard of till then. He, however, also said that the unorganized sector needed attention & we all need to contribute our mite in this noble endeavour. He congratulated the NOINO activists on the successful charter struggle & said that NOINO would attempt to have the charter talks well in advance before it was due in August 2012. He assured the house that he would see that the existing pension scheme is passed to the officers / employees who earlier did not opt for it but now wish to join. He suggested measures to be taken by the Organization to achieve this goal. He also emphasized the need to undertake organizational tours for the growth of NOINO.


              After the inaugural session, Shri Ganesh Kamath presented the GS report for the last 3 years. He noted with satisfaction the stupendous growth of NOINO in the last 3 years. He also highlighted the various achievements of NOINO during this period like the acceptance of the demand of centralized back-up to ease the issue of late sitting (26 branches in 10 divisions are already back-up free after our efforts), the victory in Maharashtra election duty case in Mumbai High court which was the result of relentless pressure of NOINO on the management, the acceptance of demand of bearing the tax on perks giving relief to thousands of Class I Officers, the removal of age limit condition in circular 144 for certain marketing posts etc. He also listed the date-wise efforts of NOINO in the charter struggle & the impact of the efforts on the charter. He also addressed the various pending issues which NOINO intends to solve in the coming days.
             Shri D V Aloni, treasurer,NOINO presented the accounts for 3 years. Both the GS report & the accounts were accepted with rousing applause by the house.


           NOINO President, Shri Prakash Javadekar then interacted with the delegates. He had a heart to heart talk with each & every delegate & tried to understand the problems of the respective regions & the progress of NOINO in those regions. He then set the target of attaining majority till the end of 2012. He exhorted the delegates to spare time for organizational tours to strengthen NOINO & promised all support in its expansion. The delegates were bowled over by the keen interest shown by our President.


         The post lunch session began with the Zonal Secretaries’ reports followed by the Divisional Secretaries’ reports. They reported on the following issues:-
  1. Feedback on charter.
  2. Affiliation fees position & donation collection.
  3. Membership position & possibility of formation of units in the Zone/Division
  4. Future planning.
        The house noted with satisfaction that the overwhelming feedback on charter settlement was positive & that the officers in general appreciated the role of NOINO in the settlement. It also noted that in most of the Divisions the members & non-members donated enthusiastically & even before our activists demanded for the same. It was also noted that we had units in more than 60 divisions & at least 15 more would be formed in the coming six months. The office-bearers also spelled out their strategies to strengthen the organization.
         The Working President, Shri Sudhakar Ingole then addressed the house in his inimitable style. He expressed confidence that NOINO would be in a majority in the near future. He appealed the activists to plunge whole-heartedly in the organization’s work and start a contact-campaign (Sampark Abhiyaan). His speech was greeted by thunderous applause by the house.

25th January 2011


      The day began with the session where various resolutions were passed. Some of them were on the following subjects:-
  1. One more option for pension.
  2. Codified, uniform & transparent Transfer/Posting/Promotion policy.
  3. Demand for bringing back the Housing loan portfolio from LIC HFL.
  4. Scrapping of DOPA.
  5. Recruitment of Class III/IV.
  6. Space for union office for NOINO at Yogakshem.
All the resolutions were discussed thoroughly and passed unanimously amidst thunderous applause.


      The next session was an inter-active session with the delegates wherein the delegates could come & speak on any issue concerning the Officers as well as NOINO. Many delegates participated enthusiastically in this session. They made many innovative suggestions which clearly showed their interest in the organization. One more striking feature was the participation of lady delegates in the session. Our Secretary (Lady Wing) Smt. Anagha Sant gave an open call to the Lady Members of NOINO to come forward and participate actively and equally (to the male counterparts) in the functioning and growth of the Organization - “Only then the equilibrium can be maintained”, she said.


          One of the most dedicated soldier of NOINO, Shri C T Joshi, VP retired on 30th September 2010. Humble to the core, Shri C T Joshi was the architect behind the drafting of the charter. He also successfully shouldered the responsibility of NOINO news-bulletin. He was felicitated by Shri Sudhakar Ingole, WP. The whole house gave him a standing ovation. Speaker after speaker heaped praises on Shri C T Joshi which he richly deserved. Shri Vilas Purkar, Zonal president, NOINO, WZ sung a song which was a tribute to the dedicated activists. The striking feature of this song was it was sung in three languages viz. Kannada, Bangla & Odissi. The soulful rendition took the session to a new plane.
           Shri C T Joshi replied to the felicitation in his characteristic humble style. He said that he was always committed to the ideals of BMS & RSS and would always remain so. He said that he would always be associated with NOINO though not as an office-bearer. In fact, he volunteered to jointly shoulder the responsibility of NOINO bulletin even now i.e. after his retirement.


          The concluding speech was delivered by Shri Ganesh Kamath, All India GS. In his 35 minute speech, he dwelled upon various practical aspects of strengthening the organization. He stressed upon the need for self-discipline & said that the success of any decision largely depended upon the lack of vested interest. He also exhorted the activists to publicize the efforts & achievements of NOINO. He said that the responsibility of saving & strengthening the Corporation should be shouldered by NOINO as a responsible Organization.


          The 13th EC meeting of NOINO concluded with a massive gate meeting at Dharwad divisional office. Shri Rajesh Dubey, a young & dynamic activist from Varanasi conducted the proceedings in his unique style. Lady activists from Amravati & Nashik dominated the robust slogan shouting.  Shri Narayan Amminbhavi from Karnataka spoke first in Kannada. He said that NOINO was the only organization fighting for the Class I Officers in LIC & appealed the local officers to join it. Shri Ganesh Kamath, All India GS spoke next in English. He dwelled on four issues viz. formation of units of NOINO in the last three years(19 units formed in three years); achievements of NOINO; date-wise efforts of NOINO in the charter struggle & the pending issues & said that NOINO was committed to resolve all the pending issues of Class I Officers in the near future. Shri Sudhakar Ingole, Working President, NOINO spoke next in Hindi. He said that the efforts & commitment of NOINO was such that there was little doubt that NOINO will be in majority very soon. He appealed the local officers to shed apprehensions & fear and support NOINO to insure their future.
        The meeting had a positive impact on the audience & many local officers expressed their desire to join NOINO after the gate-meeting was over.

         All in all, the 13th EC meeting was a huge success considering the facts that:
 a) NOINO was spreading all over the country reflected in the number & the regions represented by the delegates,
 b) The enthusiastic participation of all delegates, &
 c)  Increase in the number of female & young delegates.

Ganesh Kamath

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