Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BMS’ Pre-budget Meeting with Finance Minister


A pre-budget meeting was held by the Union Minister of Finance Shri Pranab Mukherji today i.e. on 12.01.2011. The Central Trade Union Organisations including BMS submitted a joint memorandum to him. Shri Girish Awasthi, President and Shri K. Lakshma Reddy, General Secretary, BMS raised the following issues.

  1. The Govt. should draw lessons from what has been happening in economic and industrial sectors in U.S and some countries in Europe, and change the policies keeping in view the interests of India.

  2. Decentralization of economy should be ensured and the growing economic inequalities between the poor and rich be checked.

  3. Prices of essential commodities and inflation be contained immediately.

  4. As recommended unanimously by the 43rd Indian Labour Conference, ban on recruitment in Govt. Departments, PSUs etc be lifted.

  5. Adequate budgetary allocation be made for the Social Security of Un-organized Sector Workers. The workers of Anganwadi be given the status of Govt. employees and the pay of theirs, Asha, Mid-Day Meal Scheme Workers be hiked substantially.

  6. The contribution of the Govt. and Employers towards EPS-’95 be raised substantially so as to ensure a monthly minimum pension of Rs. 3000/- to workers.

  7. Income-Tax exemption limit be raised to Rs. 3 lakhs.

  8. National Rural Bank and National Co-operative Banks be set-up. Workers’ Banks also be set-up. Industrial Houses be not permitted to carry on banking operations.

  9. Disinvestment of CPSUs be stopped forthwith.

 10. Entry of MNCs and Corporates in the retail business be prohibited.

 11. Priority be given to agricultural sector in the budgetary allocation.

 12. Black money be unearthed and the illegal funds stashed in foreign banks brought back.

 13. Forward Trading in commodities be banned.

 14. A white paper on post-Globalization period and MGNREGA be published by the Govt.


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