Thursday, September 2, 2010

NOINO protests conditional meal coupons

NOINO has written a letter to the Chairman on the issue of conditional meal coupons. The letter is reproduced below:

1st September 2010

The Chairman,
L.I.C. of India.

Respected Sir,

Re: Announcement of Meal Coupons

On behalf of all LIC employees, we wish you a very happy anniversary. LIC has completed 54 glorious years of its existence & the credit goes to all the classes of employees who have left no stone unturned in bringing the Corpoartaion to its present enviable position.

We also thank you for introducing the concept of meal coupons.

However, we have serious doubts/objections in the proposed scheme as follows:-

 1. Withdrawal of early going facility:- This is a retrograde step because:-
 * Employees have been availing this facility for the last so many years. There is no logic in withdrawing this facility as the incidence of disturbance in work is minimal.
 * As it is, many employees do not avail this facility as they do not stand a chance of going home even on time due to the heavy work-load.
 * If the early going facility is withdrawn & the same is linked to the meal coupons, then whether the management will compensate for the late-sitting? The logic cannot be applied only one-way.
 * This will also lead to employees resorting to going early without any official sanction but with the understanding of their superiors in event of any emergency. What is then the need of un-necessary imposition of this step?
Heavens will not fall if we continue with this facility. We strongly demand the restoration of this facility.

2. Linking with attendance :- It is one thing to encourage attendance for those who are habitual offenders & another to treat leave as if it is a cardinal sin. Leave is a privilege earned by the employees after a long struggle. It would not be out of place to say that leave/break is absolutely necessary for an employee for relaxation/recreation/rejuvenation. We suggest that at the most, the clause should be modified & only leave after a particular limit should be brought under the ambit of this scheme if at all the intention is to curb excess leave.

3. We also demand that the benefit should be paid for all the days of the month whether working or not.

We again request you to consider the above demands & ensure that any benefit granted should be without any draconian conditions.

Yours faithfully,
Ganesh Kamath

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