Friday, September 24, 2010

Cover drive: Car ka LIC karaya kya?

Refer our last post - ''Mumbai Mirror-Some Responses for NOINO'' - response no.5. We reproduce below the relevant portion of the interview to which this response refers:

(Source: The Times of India, September 18)

In the marketing parlance, it is said that a brand becomes successful when it becomes a generic name. India’s biggest and the oldest life insurance company’s recent campaign with the tag line ‘LIC karaya kya’ is perhaps a direct offshoot of this phenomenon. In a country of one-billion-plus population, insurance often means buying an LIC policy. “At times, we even hear people saying ‘Car ka LIC karaya kya?', indicating an insurance for the vehicle. From there we decided on the ‘LIC karaya kya…’ campaign,” explains T S Vijayan, LIC chairman, about the logic behind its popular campaign.

(Courtesy: Upesh Kumar, HGA, BO-Rewari, Delhi DO-III)

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