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Efforts on Charter & Yearly Report

As always we are giving the yearly report of our activities. Following is the gist of activities of NOINO for the period from July 2009 to June 2010. But before that we are listing our efforts for the current charter since the day it became due:-


23.7.2007----First to submit Charter of demands complete with running scales before it was due i.e. 1.8.2007.
20.2.2008----Massive demonstrations at Yogakshem for initiating talks
16.5.2008----Meeting with ED (P) on the issues of charter, housing loan, forced de-rotation of marketing officials, PLLI etc.
26.5.2008----NOINO takes initiative & writes letter to all unions to form a joint front on charter & other pending issues.
17.7.2008----Information sharing meeting with management. Raised several issues like wage-revision, housing loan, one more pension option etc.
13.9.2008----Meeting with Chief (Personnel) Shri Rajkumar. Raised several issues like charter, Housing loan, ITSG-1 payment, recruitment in Class III etc.
22.12.2008/23.12.2008-----NOINO/NOIW delegation under the leadership of NOINO President Shri Prakash Javadekar, Rajyasabha MP meets Shri Prithviraj Chavan, Minister of State, PMO; Shri Pawankumar Bansal, MOS, Finance; & Shri Arun Ramnathan, Secretary, Finance, to break deadlock on Charter & to demand Navratna status. Management took immediate cognizance & invited unions on 24.12.2008 for first round of wage negotiations on 5th & 6th January 2009.
5.1.2009/6.1.2009----First round of wage negotiations. NOINO summarily rejects meagre 12% wage-rise offer.
27.5.2009----NOINO/NOIW delegation meets Shri Dinesh Mehrotra, MD, on the issue of Charter & Ace Competition.
9.6.2009-----Huge demonstrations at Yogakshema on the issues of Charter, Ace Competition & Key Performance Indices.
16.6.2009/17.6.2009----Information sharing meeting. NOINO rejects 15% wage-rise offer. Raises other issues like injustice in ACE Competition, Navratna status, election duty, late sitting, 5 days week, KPI, Housing loan etc
24.7.2009----Dharna by NOINO/NOIW activists at Yogakshema on Charter & against the injustice in the issue of ACE Competition.
24.7.2009---NOINO delegation under the leadership of NOINO President Shri Prakash Javadekar, Rajyasabha MP, meets Chairman Shri T S Vijayan & MD (Shri A K Dasgupta) on the issues of Charter, Navratna status & ACE Competition.
13.8.2009----Meeting with ED (P) on issues like Charter, Pension, housing loan & PLLI.
8.9.2009----NOINO delegation meets MD, Shri A K Dasgupta on issues of PLLI, Housing loan, Charter, Election duty etc.
7.10.2009------NOINO delegation met ED(P) Smt D. Vijayalakshmi on the issues of Charter, Housing loan, One more pension option & other issues like transfer policy.
12.10.2009---NOINO delegation led by our President Shri Prakash Javadekar along with our NZ ZS Shri S B Sharan, our NZ ZP Shri S K Saini & NZ VP Shri H K Dhiman met Minister of State for Finance Shri Namonarain Meena & Secretary, Finance Shri Ashok Chawla on issues of Charter, de-linking of Charter from that of banking industry, Granting of Navratna status to LIC, Pending issues in LIC like Housing loan etc. Within a week, LIC management invited unions for wage-revision talks on 3rd November.
3.11.2009----Talks on wage revision. Management offers 17.5% rise. NOINO summarily rejects the offer. Improvements as per NOINO demand in GI such as inclusion of DAB & enhancing of limits.
3.11.2009----Joint front of AIIEA, NOIW, NOINO, NFIFWI, LIFE, BVKS, INTUC formed. Joint action plan decided in this meeting.
18.11.2009------A chart showing the comparison between LIC & banks with clear proof that LIC was ahead of all banks including SBI was submitted to ED(P)
8.12. 2009-----NOINO President Shri Prakash Javadekar raised issue of our charter in RS. Shri Namonarain Meena, MOS, Finance replied that the matter was under consideration & management was discussing the issue with unions. Management invited the unions immediately on 16th Dec 2009.
16.12.2009----Management repeated the old offer of 17.5%. Joint front immediately decided to boycott the individual sessions as a mark of protest. Massive demonstrations at Yogakshema gate.
22.12.2009----1 hour walkout strike to secure a handsome charter.
6.1.2010-----Massive demonstrations of joint front in front of all divisional offices for a handsome charter.
13.1.2010-----Massive demonstrations of joint front in front of all divisional offices for a handsome charter.
20.1.2010---- Massive demonstrations of joint front in front of all divisional offices for a handsome charter.
21.1.2010-----1 day strike for a handsome charter observed all over India.
18.2.2010----All India delegation of NOINO meets ED (P), ED (Mktg), ED (CRM), & ZM, WZ to discuss various issues like Charter, transfer policy, delay in housing loan instructions, perquisites tax, cashless mediclaim, and implementation of E-FEAP etc.
6.3.2010-----Massive central Dharna of joint front in Delhi. NOINO was successful in roping in former Cabinet minister (labour) Satyanarayan Jatiya, BJP MP & Shri Rudranarayan Pani, BJP MP from Orissa who attended the Dharna & promised their total support for LIC employees.
8.3.2010 to 12.3.2010----Signature campaign among employees.
15.3.2010 onwards------‘No extra co-operation’ agitation commences. Management had to take cognizance & immediately invited the unions.
19.3.2010------Discussions with management on the issue of charter & agitation. MD & Chairman reiterated in separate meetings that employees’ aspirations of a satisfactory wage-revision would be met. Joint front meets in the evening to decide further strategy.
20.3.2010----MD gives written assurance to unions reiterating management’s resolve to grant a satisfactory charter. Joint front again met in the evening & decided to suspend agitation in the light of the written assurance.
23.3.2010----Joint front delegation met Chairman & handed over a letter urging him to take immediate steps for delivering the assurance given to the employees on a satisfactory wage-revision.
26.3.2010-----Meeting with ED (P) for follow-up of charter issue.
3.4.2010-----NOINO delegation meets MD on issue of charter, housing loan, tax on perquisites.
19.4.2010----Meeting with ED (P) for follow-up of charter issue.
12.5.2010----Meeting with ED (P) for follow-up of charter issue.
2.6.2010-----NOINO President Prakash Javadekar discussed the issue of charter with Finance Secretary Ashok Chawla for early resumption of charter talks & wage-rise as per paying capacity of LIC.


21.7.2009----Letter submitted to ED (OS/SBU/Estates) on the issue of impending Election duty for Maharashtra Assembly elections.
7.8.2009----Letter submitted to ZM, WZ on the issue of employees of Kolhapur & Satara having to face interview at Pune in the wake of swine-flu threat. Management took cognizance & allowed interviews of those requests at other venues.
25.9.2009------Huge victory for the single handed pursuit of NOINO to fight back the highhandedness of Election Commission. The efforts culminated in the Mumbai High Court passing a verdict that The EC can employ only a minimum of staff that too with the consultation of the nodal officers (i.e. Manager (P & IR) of the respective divisions) without the business of LIC being disrupted.
7.1.2010-------Letter submitted to Chairman pointing out the drawbacks in the recent modifications in Housing loan & suggesting several solutions.
9.1.2010-----Exclusive meeting of Female officers in Mumbai to discuss on ‘Difficulties while working in LIC’.
20.2.2010-----Letter submitted to ED (Mktg) & MD to demand that LIC should bear tax on perquisites.
20.2.2010-----Letter submitted to ZM, WZ to intervene & stop further implementation of E-FEAP until the experiment stabilized in the first three branches as the module threw all the three branches into disarray.
26.2.2010-----Memorandum submitted to ED (P) regarding problem of Female officers in LIC.
17.3.2010------Letter submitted to Chairman & ED (P) to remind about our demand that LIC should bear tax on perquisites in the light of SBI decision to do so vide their circular dated 13.3.2010.
5.4.2010-----Victory for persistent efforts of NOINO as management accepts our demand to bear tax on perquisites relating to staff quarters, newspaper reimbursement & car loan under scheme VI(revised)
8.4.2010------ Letter submitted to MD Shri A K Dasgupta for inclusion of other perquisites like Housing loan, vehicle loan to administrative side officers, other interest free advances.
9.4.2010------Letter submitted to ED (P) pointing out flaws in 360 degree feedback concept & suggestions given.
12.6.2010----Letter submitted to ED (P) protesting the delay in issue of administrative instructions in revision of Actuarial allowance. Instructions issued on 14.6.2010.


26.7.2009---28.7.2009---- Visit of Shri Sudhakar Ingole, Working President, NOINO to Varanasi in NCZ & Jabalpur in CZ. He interacted with our members there. In Varanasi members from Allahabad had also attended.
27.7.2009----NOINO units formed in Kharagpur in EZ & Vadodara in WZ.
9.8.2009----NOINO unit formed in Raichur in SCZ. Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO was present in the meeting.
9.8.2009—11.8.2009----NOINO Working President Shri Sudhakar Ingole tours divisions in WZ viz. Satara, Kolhapur & Pune & interacts with members.
29.8.2009----Visit of Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO to Vadodara for interaction with members.
5.9.2009----NOINO unit formed in Howrah in EZ.
2.10.2009-----WZ committee for 2009-2011 formed at Anand in Gujarat
23.12.2009----Dehradun unit (NCZ) of NOINO formed.
15.1.2010----Indore unit (CZ) of NOINO formed.
20.2.2010-----Nadiad unit (WZ) of NOINO formed.
11.4.2010-----Absolute majority achieved in Nadiad. 110 out of 143 officers join NOINO.
22.5.2010-----Delhi DO 2 unit of NOINO formed.

Ganesh Kamath

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