Friday, August 27, 2010

Tax on perks on staff quarter



You may be aware that NOINO has been continuously taking up the issue of bearing of the tax on perks relating to various matters including staff quarters. The management had principally accepted our demand vide their circular dated 6.4.2010. However, there was a lack of clarity as to the period for which the tax on perks relating to staff quarters would be borne. You may recall that we had written a letter to the management on 7.8.2010 for issuing a clarification & raising the demand to bear the tax with retrospective effect. Now the CO/OS/Salary vide their circular dated 24.8.2010 clarified that the tax would be borne for the entire period from 1995-96 to 2009-2010. 

Thus NOINO has yet again been proved successful in resolving the issuewhich was concerning a good number of employees. We would like to recall the efforts which we have made in this context:-

18.2.2010-----NOINO's All India delegation meets ED(MKTG) & ED(Personnel) & raises the demand that LIC should bear tax on perquisites. 

2. 20.2.2010-----Letter submitted to ED(Mktg) & Chairman.

3. 17.3.2010-----NOINO again raises this demand in the light of SBI deciding to bear the tax on perks vide their circular dated 13.3.2010.

4. 19.3.2010-----NOINO again raises this demand during the discussions with management.

5. 22.3.2010-----NOINO again reminds the Chairman of this demand while submitting the joint front letter of suspension of agitation & demanding early & satisfactory settlement.

6. 3.4.2010------NOINO submits reminder letter to MD Shri A K Dasgupta. We also met him personally to remind him of this issue among other issues.

7. 6.4.2010-----Management issues circular that tax on perks, taxable at the hands of employees would be borne by LIC.

8. 7.8.2010----NOINO submits letter to ED ( F & A) & raises demand for bearing the tax with retrospective effect & issuing clarification.

9. 24.8.2010----Management issues circular clarifying that the tax would be borne with retrosepctive effect.

NOINO will continue to fight for the legitimate demands of the Class I Officers.

Yours brotherly,
Ganesh Kamath

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