Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today, i.e. on 23.08.2010, NOINO, NZ had a meeting with Shri Neeraj Agarwal, RM (P&IR) ZM, North Zone at 12 o’clock to discuss different issues related to class-I officers of North Zone. NOINO, NZ was represented by Shri S.K.Saini, Zonal President and Shri S.B.Sharan, Zonal Secretary.

We are receiving frequent queries on the matter of request-transfers of class-I officers to be effected by North Zone. As such, we are giving below the fixed norms {as per our discussion with RM(P&IR)ZM} which P&IR deptt of North Zone has adopted to effect request-transfers:

1. The RM(P&IR) categorically said that they took-up request-transfers of the officers who had spent 2 years at a particular place. When requested to define 2 years, he said that it didn’t mean 2 calendar years. By and large it meant 2 promotion rounds subject to availability of vacancies at the place for which the concerned officer is requesting for. If the available vacancy permitted, they tried to accommodate the officers who had joined from 1st contingency list of last but one promotion round.
2. When asked about special considerations, the RM(P&IR) said that if an officer himself or any member of his nuclear family (wife & children only) (parents excluded) had some serious nature of disease due to which he / she was seeking the transfer, such cases were considered in one year also.
3. As regards inter-zone transfer of AAOs, the RM(P&IR) said that the 2-year norm applied to them also.

Besides above, other matters related to P&IR deptt of the Zone were also discussed. We also submitted a list of the officers who had applied for request transfers within the Zone and wished that NOINO, NZ should follow-up their cases.

Over-all response of the RM(P&IR)ZM was very positive.

We wish you all a very happy Rakshha Bandhan !!

S.B.Sharan, GS,

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