Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reporting of EC meeting in Mumbai

Dear NOINO office-bearers/activists/members,


The All India EC Meeting of NOINO was held on 05-07-2010 & 06-07-2010 at Mumbai. All the zones except one were represented in the meeting.

The meeting commenced with the report by All India General Secretary Shri Ganesh Kamath. In his introductory speech he took the review of activities by NOINO for the period from July-2009 to June-2010. He also informed the house the efforts taken by NOINO in resolving the Charter issue. He exhorted all EC members to give wide publicity to our efforts on charter among all officers. He also briefed the house about the present deadlock in wage negotiations due to the Chennai court.

He also took review of other activities carried out by NOINO during July-2009 to June-2010 and the issues taken up by NOINO during this period such as, Election duty, Modifications in 2nd housing loan circular, Problems in branches due to implementation of E-FEAP, Meeting of Female Officers in Mumbai, Payment of Tax on perquisites to be borne by Management, 360 degree feedback, Delay in issuing of instructions of revision of Actuarial allowance etc.

The house also took note about the satisfactory progress of NOINO in this period. NOINO units were formed in Raichur (SCZ), Kharagpur & Howrah (EZ), Vadodara & Nadiad (WZ), Delhi DO-2 (NZ), Dehradun (NCZ), Indore (CZ).

Thereafter, the respective Zonal Secretaries gave report of the activities in their respective zones. The report of zonal office bearers was mainly on Promotion/Transfers, General sentiments of officers in the zone about the charter, succession formula in the Zone considering the retirements in the coming couple of years, Possibilities of forming new units, Remission of affiliation fees etc. It was also decided that each zone should ensure that the collection process of yearly subscription for 2010-11 from officers in their ZO/DO/BO should be completed by the end of July-2010.

The meeting discussed at length the strategy for early settlement of satisfactory charter. The Secretariat meeting of NOIW was conducted simultaneously in the same venue. The issue was also discussed with NOIW leaders. After threadbare discussions, it was decided that NOINO would once again make efforts to contact the other constituents of joint front & work out a strategy in the event of a deadlock in the Chennai case (wherein the judgement may come any moment).

The Succession formula at the All India level was also discussed. The issue of monthly bulletin was discussed. Shri Y N Murthy, EC member (Shimoga Division) & Shri S B Sharan, ZS, NZ jointly took the responsibility of compilation and printing of our monthly bulletin.

It was also decided that the next EC meeting would be an extended EC meeting & would be held in the month of January-2011 either at Dharwad or at Bhopal. The house also decided that a meeting of national office-bearers would be held immediately after settlement of charter & notification to discuss about anomalies, if any, in the charter.

The need for organizing Zone-wise study classes for activists was also discussed. Shri Ganesh Kamath then addressed the office-bearers on the matter of ‘Issue of promotion/transfers & the exact role of organization in these matters’.

The meeting concluded with the review of the 2 days proceedings by Smt Anagha Sant, OS, WZ. She appealed all the EC members to implement the decisions taken in the EC meeting and make efforts to strengthen NOINO. She also appealed to conduct meetings of NOINO members in the zones and inform them about our efforts in respect of charter.

Ganesh Kamath

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