Monday, July 19, 2010

LIC Management's offer on 19th July

Scales given by mgt:
AAO: 17240-840-29000-910-32640
AO: 23120-840-29000-910-34460
ADM: 28160-840-29000-910-34460-1200-39260.
DM: 34460-1200-42860
Sr.DM/DZM: 41660-1200-45260-1350-47960
ZM(O): 46610-1400-53610
ZM(S): 52210-1400-55010-1500-56510-1640-58150-1700-59850
Cash med 8000/12000.

The rise in %age:
Rise comes to approx 21.5% for AAO starting scale. It goes on increasing to 30% for ZM(S). This doesn't include rise in cash medical etc. Details in next post.


  1. The offer is reasonably good.Can be assessed on receipt of details

  2. what about pension option which is given to majority of bank employees left previously whereas is a very low portion in LIC which is mostly direct recruit officers. It has been cleared by the ministry of finance.