Saturday, February 19, 2011

Survey on problems of touring officials

Reproduced below is a communication received from our All India General Secretary in connection with survey on the problems of touring officials. The communication is self explanatory. Personnel who are not presently in touring jobs may also send their feedback. The feedback are to be sent directly to the email-id as mentioned in the communication.

The feedback must reach at the address by 5 pm on 24th February 2011.

S.B.Sharan, GS,

The communication:

Due to the peculiar job requirements the employees in Audit & Inspection departments have to travel extensively & hence get very less time to spend at the headquarters. Due to this, we cannot be in touch with them all the time. However, we are aware that the employees, particularly the Class I Officers working in these departments & having touring duties have their own peculiar problems.
There is also a perception that such departments are neglected by the associations. NOINO has decided to take up the issues of the Class I Officers working in these departments & having touring duties. However, employees other than Class I may also write to us, if they wish so. I am giving a format as follows which kindly fill up & send back to me at

1. Name:
2. Designation:
3. S.R. no.:
4. Department:
5. email-id:
6. cell no:
7. Problems faced : _____________________________________________________________

8. Solutions suggested:____________________________________________________________

Ganesh Kamath

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