Friday, December 31, 2010

Survey on Transfer Policy

You are aware that NOINO, since its formation in 2002, has been in the forefront in identifying the problems of the Class I Officers, taking up the same vigorously after proper study, offering solutions & then following up doggedly. All this is done with a systematic approach. This is evident in various issues taken up by us like the Back-up issue (where the centralised back-up is only a matter of time due to our diligent efforts), the Charter Struggle, Removal of age limit condition for promotion & posting in Marketing posts etc.

It is a fact that the Class I Officers are most affected by the 'Transfer' & the ‘posting on promotion’ policies. In fact, most complaints or grievances emanate from the posting on promotion & the subsequent transfer back to the parent division. If this policy is Written, Transparent, Uniform & Fair, then the Class I Officers would be happy & further motivated. With this in mind, we are calling for feedbacks from the Class I Officers across the country. We request you to send your specific feedbacks as follows:-

1. Name:-
2. Designation:-
3. Place of work:-
4. Division:-
5. Zone:-
6. Email-id:-
7. Cell no.:-
8. Feedback:
A. Lacunas or Drawbacks of the Current Transfer Policy:-
B. Impact/Reprcussions on the Individual/Office:-
C. Suggested solutions:-

As far as possible avoid presenting your own case. This is because we would like to have a solution to the officers in general on the TRANSFER issue. However, if you feel your case is a representative one (in other words, a common problem) you are free to present it. We would appreciate if your feedback is precise & a short one. The suggested solutions should also be such that may benefit maximum officers.

Kindly send your feedback to the following email id’s latest by 15th January 2011:

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