Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feedbacks invited on Housing Loan problems

We all are aware that our officers / employees are facing lot of problems regarding Housing loan from HFL. NOINO has already taken up the issue with ED (P) on 25th October 2010. It may be recalled that earlier NOINO had given a detailed letter to the Chairman as soon as the modifications
were effected. However, the problems have not subsided since then.

There are broadly two types of problems. One is the procedural problem & the other is the treatment given by HFL officials to LIC employees.

In this background, NOINO has decided to compile the various issues concerning the above problem. We invite the feedbacks (only through mail) on the issue. The feedback should compulsorily contain Name, SR No., Place of work, Class & Cadre. The feedback should be a short & specific one. The feedbacks may be sent to sb.sharan@licindia.com by 5 pm on 3rd November 2010. The names of the persons giving feedback would not be revealed & the problem would be presented as a general one unless insisted otherwise by the employee.

On receving the feedbacks NOINO will compile the same & take up with Personnel, HPF & IT departments of Central Office / Zonal Office / Divisional Office according to the nature of the problem.

S.B.Sharan, GS,

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